It’s not difficult to imagine the dramatic changes AI and soon AGI (Artificial General Intelligence) will bring to our culture. It’s already redefining our world. In the video world, we’re just starting to see these dramatic changes as well.

AI can upscale footage from the old SD standard to 4k footage with remarkable effectiveness. It can sharpen blurry, distort of undistort images, create graphics and animations, and even tell stories. Our industry will never be the same. It’s capacity to clean up poor audio is remarkable as well.

That said, AI cannot light and shoot interviews or generate (real) comments from actual humans. There is still a future for talented shooters to create content that can’t be duplicated using AI. Panoptic Media understands this quite well, and is committed to using AI as is appropriate and knowing when it is not the best option.

An exciting and terrifying new age is upon us!