Video Title

Introduction to Rytec Corporation

Client: Rytec Corporation

Project Brief

Rytec Corporation out of Milwaukee has been a long time client of Panoptic Media. When they wanted to spice up their home page, they asked us about creating a short, high-energy piece that would especially draw the eyes of new visitors to their site. By leaning on a bit of ‘eye candy’, we were able to offer their first time prospects a sense of the kind of company Rytec is, but without a bunch of narration or text or something that says ‘we’re great.’

This style and these elements create a high-tech look, implying a high-tech company – which Rytec certainly is. We used existing video footage and other assets like animations we’d previously produced, so this was not nearly expensive to produce as it looks!

Visual A

Panoptic video at car dealer.

Visual B

3D animation of insulation by Panoptic Media

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