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I've been fascinated by video and film since I was a small child, and dad brought home an 8mm film camera and very bright lights. Tools have changed greatly, process is still pretty much the same. I marvel at how well-crafted programs can impact people, emotionally and intellectually.

End of an Era – Videotape

Ever since Thomas Edison concocted the first method for recording imagery, motion pictures [...]

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Beware of YELP Advertising

Suckered into believing that Yelp was a bona-fide marketing tool for a professional [...]

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Content and Form

Videos, like any other form of communication, consists of two elemental properties - [...]

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Believable Acting

'Acting' is defined as "the art or occupation of performing in plays, movies, [...]

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Shooting Video with DSLR Cameras

DSLR Cameras (Digital Single Lens Reflex) are the digital versions of what used [...]

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Shooting Video with Your Phone

In these remarkable times, our Smart Phones have become complex digital extensions of [...]

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Video Production: The Camera

All cameras [still and motion] share three critical attributes that combined allow us [...]

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Video Production: What Works

So for this posting I’d like to talk about what works, and contrarily [...]

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The Script

The video production process follows the classic design/build motif. First we figure out [...]

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Telling A Compelling Story

We here a lot these days about ‘stories’, and how they are key [...]

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