We offer a full range of pre-production services, from consulting on a project’s viability and the best methodologies for completion to brainstorming and presenting options for the video’s development and presentation. Research, creative, script-writing and project management can all be leveraged however you like. We’ve mentioned the challenge of using ‘apples to apples’ comparisons with creative services. Here at Panoptic Media we focus on the ROI-Point, finding the best ways to create that will generate the greatest return on investment.

The heart of good design is invention and connection, creating the appropriate assets and seeing how each part relates to the whole..


Video production is the core offering of Panoptic Media. Jim Prues has long years of experience in lighting, composition, presentation, acting and the technologies for exemplary video production. We understand the impact of each decision within the production process. How big a crew does situation require? How dramatic the lighting? When is an actor’s enthusiasm or drama over the top? And sometimes, ‘how long is this person going to keep talking?’  🙂

Now that everyone with a smartphone is a videographer, what becomes most important is the knowledge and creativity the videographer enables.


As a teenager, I was struck by the movie “Star Wars” first appearance in our culture. The storyline was great, the action ongoing, the acting right on for the times. But what really blew me away were the sophisticated graphics, animation and ‘compositing’ the movie exhibited – way ahead of the times.

For the less grand projects we find ourselves engaged in here in Cincinnati, a recognition of when and how graphics and animation are best used is a fundamental part of the design process. Once they’re designed  in, it’s critical to have the quality and level of sophistication the project demands.  With Panoptic Media you’re assured of value with graphics, animation and compositing. It’s how we roll.

Graphics and animation can be especially useful to a project, as they are ‘seen’ directly by the mapping part of the brain, often by-passing the analytical part.


We offer a full range of audio production capabilities. We feature ProTools HD, the industry standard hardware/software bundle that allows us to record up to 32 channels at once. We have a voice booth, drum room, and phone patch capability. We can layer your video with narration, ambient noises, music, and sound effects (called sweetening) to create a sophisticated aural experience for your viewers/listeners.

Without good audio, films and videos fall flat in creating emotion or in supporting an argument, like why you should buy something. Very subliminal and very powerful.


Video editing is both skill and art form. Like most every aspect of the production process, creativity must work with logic to be effective. A sensitivity to audience is particularly needed here. Business viewers will want a different experience than someone watching a music video. An older audience will have comfort with a different level of pacing than a younger one. Audience education level, gender, and interests can impact the best way to cut a show together as well.

Nothing impacts the look and feel of a video like the editorial. Bad editing is distracting and confusing. Good editing flows seamlessly, contributing to the story being told and the style being used.

EXISTING VIDEO ASSETS: We can also build/maintain your video asset library, converting old tape formats to digital, archiving and potentially using these assets for future projects.

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