End of an Era – Videotape

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Ever since Thomas Edison concocted the first method for recording imagery, motion pictures if you will, there's been a system in place where there is a lens, [...]

Beware of YELP Advertising

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Suckered into believing that Yelp was a bona-fide marketing tool for a professional services company like Panoptic Media, I was had. They initially wanted a full year [...]

Content and Form

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Videos, like any other form of communication, consists of two elemental properties - content and form. It behooves us to understand their relationship. The content of a [...]

Believable Acting

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'Acting' is defined as "the art or occupation of performing in plays, movies, or television productions." So, we can safely say acting is performing. Of course, that's [...]

Shooting Video with DSLR Cameras

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DSLR Cameras (Digital Single Lens Reflex) are the digital versions of what used to be high-end consumer cameras, SLRs, typically shooting on 35mm film. Single Lens Reflex [...]

Shooting Video with Your Phone

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In these remarkable times, our Smart Phones have become complex digital extensions of our lives. It’s wild enough that we can text, check email and just plain [...]